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Our Services:


Laboratory Services:


Florida Laboratory Analysis offers biometric screening for employee benefits and insurance benefits packages. We can schedule on-site collections or draw center locations for collection.

Clinical Chemistry

Florida Laboratory Analysis offers a robust clinical chemistry test menu. Chemistry analysis helps detect chemical processes in the body to support diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. 

C.E.R. Report

Florida Laboratory Analysis offers Comprehensive Evaluation Reports for providers looking to evaluate patients of time and specific testing. 

Clinical Immunoassay

Florida Laboratory Analysis offers immunoassay and hormone testing. Immunoassay analysis assists in the detection of disease and antigen-antibody reactions. Hormone Testing offers insight on hormone imbalances and screening of disease. 

Employee On-boarding Program

Florida Laboratory Analysis has a customizable employee on-boarding program to assist in the employment of new staff to your healthcare company. 

Medication Monitoring

Florida Laboratory Analysis has a comprehensive Medication Monitoring test menu. Medication monitoring allows for the review and verification of medications prescribed and used by patients. 

Stat Testing - STAT SERVICES

Florida Laboratory Analysis offers a comprehensive STAT test menu. STAT testing expected results withing 4-6 hours of the call to the laboratory. 

Clinical Toxicology

Florida Laboratory Analysis provides clinical toxicology testing done by LC/MS/MS. Clinical toxicology aids in the prevention and treatment of diseases that may be caused by chemicals, medications, or toxins. Testing provided within 72 hours of submission.


Florida Laboratory Analysis gives prompt urinalysis results via analyzer and tech review. Same day results are offered and all urines are reviewed microscopically. 



Florida Laboratory Analysis covers coagulation testing detecting clotting disorders that may help identify liver disease, thrombophilia or hemophilia. 

Covid-19 Testing

Florida Laboratory Analysis performs Covid-19 testing via PCR technology on a high throughput analyzer. Typically testing is completed and resulted within 48 hours. We offer PCR, Antigen and Antibody testing. 

Clinical Hematology

Florida Laboratory Analysis offers hematology testing. Hematology testing assists in the detection of blood disorders by review of the blood and bone marrow cells. 


Florida Laboratory Analysis offers microbiology testing via trusted laboratory partners. Microbiology testing allows for the culturing and biochemical testing of bacteria for treatment of infection. 

Molecular PCR

Florida Laboratory Analysis molecular testing is available for Covid-19, Upper Respiratory Diseases, Gastrointestinal tract and Urinary Tract Infections. Testing rapidly identifies the infectious agent and allow the provider to make effective clinical decisions for treatment. 

Staff Assist Program

Florida Laboratory Analysis offers staff collections and staffing testing services. We can come to your company for collections or we can schedule sight appointments at any of our draw center locations. 

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Florida Laboratory Analysis provides TDM testing for current medications used in the long term care space. TDM testing allows the provider to review medication levels in the blood for proper dosing. 


Florida Laboratory Analysis offers virology testing on many respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Our virology menu offers a quick analysis for providers to make quick and effective clinical decisions for proper treatment. 

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